Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Infamous "Bulk Text"

So, I know this can be a rather trivial subject to most people, and it to me most of the time-- but there is a small piece to the subject that can tend to get under my skin and even hurt me personally. Let me see if I can articulate it well enough to make sense! Here we go...

We all can usually tell when someone send us a "bulk text" meaning the person who sent it to you also sent it to many other recipients. Most of the time we receive them during the holidays that simply read, "Merry Christmas". Sometimes you receive them randomly, out of the blue, from one of your contacts that is having an awfully long, boring day that simply asks, "what's up?". Now, just to make it clear, I am not speaking about these types of texts. A lot of those texts go unanswered, and that's okay because most of the time people aren't expecting an answer back. The texts that I am addressing in this post are the bulk texts to many people that legitimately need answering back.

About four years ago I was moving from one house to another in the same city. I didn't have much help from family, because I am lacking in numbers in the category here, where I live. I also did not have a truck, but only my small SUV which can hold a considerable amount but not much in the way of furniture. I needed some assistance getting my bed, desk, dresser and random other things to my new house. So, I decided to send out a bulk text to all of my friends in the valley to see if anyone was willing and able to help. I sent the same text to about 30 people that read something like, "Hello friends! I am moving to a new place out on Tammany and I need some help getting a few loads over there because my car isn't big enough to haul everything. Is anyone available to help? Thanks!". I figured I would get a reasonable amount of responses since I sent it to so many people.... Guess how many people responded back? TWO. Now, let me state that again, TWO people RESPONDED back. Not two people said they were willing to help, while to other people texted back and said they weren't available. No, only TWO people RESPONDED back to the text. Meaning the other 28 didn't. That's a lot of people not to respond back! Now I know it's easy to brush a bulk text off because you think, "hey, if I don't respond she won't notice because I know she sent this to all of her contacts... ya da, ya da, ya da.". But when EVERYONE thinks that same thing it leaves the sender feeling really small and insignificant. I understand if you're at work and can't answer. I understand if you're in class and didn't have your phone on. I understand if you're driving and can't answer right away. I understand if you're busy and can't help. But what I don't understand is not answering back at all. Period. Not only did I not get a response right away from those said 28 people, but I didn't get any other answers at all. Ever. None. And I will let you in on a secret... I wasn't mad at these 28 people-- I was hurt. We live in a culture today that feels the need to offer assistance but is perfectly okay with not following through with the offer. We don't like to be "tied down" to a specific date and time to be somewhere. We should kiss RSVP's goodbye because nobody answers those!
Now, let me state that I am not holding a grudge against those 28 people, it was a long time ago and I have obviously gotten over the issue, I was simply using it as an example. Furthermore, let me also state, that I am guilty of this bad texting etiquette too. I have been one of those many recipients that hasn't answered back to important bulk texts (mainly thinking of you Carrie Jo, if you're reading this!), forgiveness please! I am very sorry. I know how frustrating and hurtful it can be.

The moral of the story is: if your friend send you a text asking a question, asking for help or expressing something of importance, don't just blow it off because you're sure it's a bulk text and your not answering will go unnoticed-- because chances are, it won't. The sender does know exactly who they are sending the message to. It's usually to a small group of really close friends. Lets not just take the back seat with the rest of society where it's okay to blow your friends off when you aren't face to face with them. Or by offer help to a friend but not following through. If you are a close friend to someone, that automatically states that you are willing to help them when asked or at least let them know you aren't available at the moment. It also states that you hold them in a higher esteem than people you don't know or acquaintances, therefore they deserve your answer, even in bulk text form. Be the friend that someone can count on, even if it's just a text saying you'd love to help but you don't have time. An unanswered text can say a lot of hurtful things. A small, simple answer to a text can keep the peace in a relationship.

So, there is my two cents on the matter. Don't take it too seriously or go too in-depth with it, just ponder it and move on (=

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Side lined

It's almost Christmas! It's crazy how fast this year went. Our family had a few big milestones this year: we bought a house, moved and had our second baby! Marek Roman Olson joined us November 5th (= We feel very blessed for all of these wonderful gifts.

So, along with Christmas coming we are all plagued with the same thing every year: sickness. As much as we try to avoid it, it seems it finds it's way into our home at least once during the winter season. Not fun but it's part of life. As a new parent (my oldest is 18 months so I think that still puts me in the "new parent" category to most people) I have been noticing a trend. Not a good trend, mind you. I have taken notice to how many kids/toddlers/infants are sick. And the reason I have taken notice to this fact is because they are in the grocery stores, at Christmas parties, on their way to school, at my chiropractor's office, in the nursery at church, etc. Now, correct me if I am wrong but it use to be a common rule of thumb that if you or one of your family member's was sick you STAYED HOME. At least when I was growing up it was common courtesy to not attend functions, that weren't mandatory to attend, if you were sick. Yeah, I know, what a party-pooper I am, but really? I thought that was just common sense to the average adult. If you or your child is sick then they don't get to join in the fun. Now I don't mean it as a punishment for you or your child but to be polite to all the other NOT sick people. It's very selfish and rude to go somewhere like a party or grocery store if you or your child is sick. What you're stating is, "my eggs are more important to me than you and your child's health" or, "my entertainment and social life are important to me, so even though I am sick (or your child is), I am still going to attend. Sorry if you get sick the next day, but really I'm not." Now you may not really think either of those things but it's the principle of the matter. Why would expose the healthy people to your sick family? Don't share the suffering, trust me, nobody wants to share in your wealth of runny noses and coughing.

Our family has decided to stay home from a lot of functions this winter due to the amount of sick people out and about. There has been a nasty bug going around that is causing major sinus infections and pneumonia in some serious cases (I was acquainted with someone who just lost their 14 month old to sudden, onset pneumonia, prayers for them are needed). So, please, for the sake of other people, stay home if you are sick-- we all know how hard it is to have a sick child, and even more so if you have more than one child.

Wishing you all a happy New Year as 2013 comes to a close!

Saturday, December 21, 2013


Alright. One word. Reboot.
I think it's time to give this blog a face life, not for my readers (who are many *cough*) but for myself. I need to find a topic that I feel I can write about regularly. So it obviously needs be something that matters to me, hence the new name. From hence forth, I am going to try to write about manners and things that should matter to the common man. This does not mean that I don't need to work on a few things or need critiquing, but it's something that I notice a lot and I feel it could be used as a tool for myself as well, more of a reflective tool. Wish me luck fellow patrons. Cheers!

Friday, June 7, 2013

to speak or not to speak?

Oh my, my, my... There are several things I could write about today. Much has happened that there are a few really important topics I could address. The one that is newest on my mind is eating at me the most though. 
This can be a very touchy subject for someone in my position... I would like to address the topic of older women and what they talk and tell younger women. Since I haven't been married for a long duration, nor am I an older aged woman, nor am I filled with tons of wisdom, but I do feel I can address just this particular subject...bare with me you older, wiser women-- if I am out of line or off, please correct me!
Titus 2 explains what our role is as wives and mother, "that they may teach the young women to be sober, to love their husbands, to love their children, to be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed." (Titus 2: 3-5). I love this scripture, it's the scripture of my life right now because this is the area of my life I am in. It is something I will continue to learn and build towards until I pass away to be with the Father. I pray I will do my duty as a mother to love my children and teach them ways of God as I should.. 
So, I just recently was told of an event, an ongoing event in someone's life, an unfortunate, hard, un-Godly event... It something this person has to over come with the help of God. When I talked to his wife I recommended a book to her to read because it addressed this particular topic. Now obviously not everyone is going to agree with everything someone says, I don't even agree with everything in the book, but the book has changed my life tremendously, for the better! It's up lifting and God glorifying! It's challenging. It's a life changing book because it reflects the Word of God. I had given her this book for a wedding gift-- sadly, she informed me that an older woman, whom she trusts completely, discouraged her to not read the book at all... I was crushed, not personally, but for her and her lack of unwillingness; because some woman who didn't agree with something entirely discouraged a young woman from reading something that could have really helped her in this situation. This book was completely dedicated to God and spoke the truth on so many topics, pages and pages of scripture and commentary affirming the Word of God. 
I want to encourage any woman, before giving advise and handing over wisdom that you be sure that it is sound and biblical and not personal. Don't discourage young women from read, listening or hearing anything over something personal and petty. I know I am so quick to criticize and give advise on topics often and sometimes wished I had held my tongue. We all have our personal likes and dislikes but we NEED to remember to have grace for one another and think about what we advise someone on-- really question our motives and reasoning and ask ourselves: is this biblical? Is this God's Truth? Am I over critical of people and beliefs? Is this a personal distastefulness or a Godly one?... 
We can either uplift, encourage and help one another or we can smother, discourage and lead one another astray. Let's work on thinking before we speak on topics so important to life, marriage and Truth.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

a birthday week

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband today!

He's at work today but we celebrated on Tuesday night with a big group of friends! So, if you don't know, we live in a tiny one bedroom basement apartment and I think we had 27 people crammed in here!! We loved it!! We ate pizza, salad, veggies, chips, hot wings...and lots of drinks! Thanks everyone for providing the extra food! We had a big stack of pizza boxes outside our door the next morning! It looked like all we ate was pizza!! Lucas and I really had a good time, we don't mind being crunched in a small space with people we love. It was great being able to see everyone and fellowship with other believers (= Oh, and for future parties for all you ladies, I have found the secret to having a nice clean house after a big party with food-- hold the party in a smaller room and/or don't have places for people to set stuff down! Since our apartment is so small and we had so many people packed in here there was no room for people to set down there plates, etc. So, everyone threw their trash away! So, literally we had hardly any clean up from the party! We put some chairs back in place and threw away three cups, that was IT! Since we used all disposable plates and cups all I had was a small sink of silverware to do. It was amazing!

So, we've had a really nice week so far (= There has been one thing on my mind though. I posted a pro-life picture on my Facebook and I had a gal I was acquainted with start a conversation about it. She's a pro-choice-er so it obviously turned more into a debate than a discussion. I was trying to logically explain my view and she was doing the same-- but we would never see eye to eye. I was very disturbed by the conversation for most of the duration of it (it was a conversation that lasted a few days). I couldn't tell if I was disturbed by her exactly or by the lies she had been hearing and telling herself. Since she isn't a believer she is under no obligation to follow scripture or morality, so I wasn't upset with her about that, but I think I was sad for her mainly, not like I pitied her, but genuinely sad for her. Living under the idea that there are no consequences for your actions sounds great to anyone, but after so long living like that guilt creeps up behind you and starts to take you apart piece by piece. Bitterness starts eating you heart away. I think we've all seen this in someone to some degree. The only thing I can do for her is pray, so I've been prayer for her all week. It's amazing how prayer can calm the soul and mind. I pray that when the moment comes when God knocks at the door of her heart that she would answer-- that someone would come into her life that was encouraging and knows the Truth to help start guiding her in a Godly direction. God says to pray for our enemies, I did and he calmed my spirit. The greatest part about the great commission is it's not our job to save people. I used to be under the illusion that it was-- that's God's job. My job is to show people that we all have a fatal disease (sin) and the only way to cure it is through the gospel (Jesus)-- after that my job is done. It's between them and God then.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

a small political piece-- beware of strong conservative-ism.

I don't know about you, but I am really getting tired of this gun scare-- the federal government is pushing so hard on this one issue, like they always do. They usually end up moving forward a bit but never get as far as they want... Next they'll come after the home-schoolers and families (again). Anyone who doesn't believe they have a socialist agenda is either really dull or simply chooses to look away, either way, it's their responsibility. It's very sad to see the world I grew up in slowly crumble, I know my children will not grow up in the same world and hurts my heart. But we still have so much to look forward to. With this gun push the conservative states are taking a stand simply telling D.C. that we will not follow unconstitutional laws anymore, and the liberal states are handing over their freedoms because they think it will make them more "safe" and make America more "peaceful". Well, it didn't really work for the Jewish people of Germany did it? They complied and then were mass murdered by their leaders... Let's not be so naive America-- people are evil and want power and money, simple as that, and with leaders who have no moral ground or obligation that's what will flourish....evil. So, maybe, just maybe the United States of America will fall, but the continent won't fall apart, maybe we'll have what the South wanted during the Civil War, freedom from a federal government and just a government that governs just the State, then people can pick and choose what laws they want to live by... Interesting thought. Anyways, Lucas and I aren't worried at this point-- we are staying alert and informed but we are not shaking in our boots...we still have a lot of ground to walk on and we definitely live in one of the best states in America! Go Idaho! We will be one of the last states standing! God sees all and is in control, ALWAYS! They can't take our freedoms if we don't give them up! And to end with my husband's favorite saying, "Molon Labe" : Come and take them!

Monday, March 4, 2013

:: random thoughts :: is moving quickly, it's hard to keep up sometimes. Malcolm is growing like a weed, he'll be nine months on the 19th! And another little one is in the making...whoops! Spilled the beans =) Yes, I am pregnant! I'm about 6 weeks along and my due date is somewhere in mid-October (I think). It's very exciting. We were hoping to move so we could have some more space, as we are in a one bedroom, basement apartment-- but I don't think that's going to happen right away, we need to stay put for a bit; we just got out of debt and we don't need a rent that's almost twice as much as ours now, that would be very taxing on us again and we just got some wiggle room! God is good, and we still have A LOT to be thankful for in this hobbit hole of ours =) Well, this week on the agenda we have: grocery shopping, cleaning (always!), a potluck dinner with friends, a rehearsal dinner and wedding... those are a few of the big ones. So, I know this post doesn't shout excitement, nor does it have a hidden message, it was just about our daily lives... Hope I didn't bore you too badly! My next one should be better! Have a blessed and joy filled day!